This is me

Sometimes, in the midst of a coffee break, i often looked out into the windows and see the traffic outside my shop. The hustle and bustle of daily life that consumes most of us. I looked back into my shop and wonder how did i arrive at this place?

I grew up in a very humble environment, perhaps in some unexplained ways, has influenced my perception of life, people and my goals. Perhaps even more determined to change the course of my own life for the better.

Growing up years was never easy especially when it comes to wanting the things I desire. But not having had all the things i want, taught me to be more contented and perhaps appreciate what’s more important and practical in life. In short, it helped me grow up and be mature very quickly.

I wasn’t an A-list student and had my fair share of failures. Failures turned out to be life’s invaluable lessons. After graduating from poly , I worked for an international luxury brand for several years. It was during these years, I decided to work and further my studies at the same time. It was very tough, there were many instances I felt like giving up but I kept at it. With sheer grit and determination, I managed to pay for my own tuition and eventually earned my degree.

Today, I watched again the hustle and bustle of the streets in front of me. The rumbling of motor cars, the occasional horns in a chaotic traffic. The sound of rushing people and the places they want to be. I asked myself, how many of these people could really say that they are doing the things that they truly love and enjoy?

I looked back into my shop again, and i see, the worktops, the old dirty wooden tables, vases of water, the draping colourful ribbons, the variety of flowers and above all, the quietness and the smell of fresh cut flowers that brings a certain tranquility to the soul. Is nice being here. As i recount, it has been several years now since i took up floristry lessons. The many floral arrangements I have curated. The many customers who have entrusted their floral arrangement to me. The many hearts I have helped to touch and the many smiles drawn from my creations.

I may not be doctor , but I can help to heal wounded hearts and bring souls together. I may not be a corporate warrior earning tons of money, but I really love what I do because I love to be apart (no matter how little it is) of making people happy. If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.


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As the name suggest, See All shows the entire list of our stylist bouquets available in our online store. Sunflower Duet brings to you a unique collection of different bouquet designs of paired sunflowers. Chic 12 gives you everything in a dozen and this includes the different colours of rose bouquets each with it very own fun and chic design. Dainty 3 put together bouquets with a brilliant play of simple yet elegance mix of flowers that is easy on the wallet.

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